Changes in Van Cliff Mansion announced

Thank you for your continuous support of Dragonica.

We would like to announce changes in quests and items related to VC Mansion that will be part of January 19th update patch. All customers who are currently playing at VC or planning to play, or those who are collecting VC-related items are advised to read the following statement.

■Main changes

・Item drops were implemented for all boss monsters in all difficulties.

・As for Undead Bone set, there will be 3 different sets for Normal/Rare/Hero mode, and will also contain new item(s).

Undead Bone armor set…Difficulty[Normal] It is possible to collect it in dungeons(Same items as the currently existing set). You can create them by obtaining recipes from quests.

[Rare]Undead Bone armor set…Difficulty[Rare] It is possible to collect it in dungeons. Come as drops from boss monsters.

[Hero]Undead Bone armor set…Difficulty[Hero] It is possible to collect it in dungeons. Come as drops from boss monsters.

・Creation process (recipes) of several existing bone set armor parts will be changed.
The items that were already created will not change. If you currently possess a recipe, the contents of it will change automatically.

・Creation process (recipe) for bone weapon will be changed, and for weapon created with new recipe, special option(s) will be added. Currently existing weapons will not be changed.If you currently possess a recipe, the contents of it will change automatically.

・In relation to recipe changes, several quest’s contents will be changed, so if you have some quests in progress, these will be removed from quest list and you will have to retake them.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and ask you for understanding.

Dragonica GM team

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16 Responses to Changes in Van Cliff Mansion announced

  1. Reddude says:

    orly, i better rush up to 60 then o:

  2. just some japanese says:

    “special option(s) will be added”
    Does this mean, bone weapon will get extra effects like drakos weapons?
    By the way, how do the drakos weapons get the extra effects? Can you improve or change them?

    • epifanes says:

      Yes, I believe they are gonna make Bone weapon with similar special options as Drakos weapon has. As for the Drakos options, there are 1-3 options fixed for each class, and you can only get these in various scale. For example, Dragoon Zauharant can have 18-22 Health, 400-500 maximal physical damage and 18-22 Strength. You get these by random when creating your weapon from recipe, and they can not be changed in any way.

      • Reddude says:

        you will, and yeh, the armour drops from the bosses now, nice change, and much easier to farm if the drop rate is good. is that the only update on the 19th?

      • epifanes says:

        Doubt it, looks like it will be a huge patch. If VC changes will come, the new dungeon from Misty Lane will come too, I bet.

  3. Dustbite says:

    Are the pieces in Rare/Hero better than the Bone armor sets we have now, or are the stats exactly the same? (I guess it’s 2 pieces/floor if the stats are the same..)

    • epifanes says:

      What I posted is so far all the news I have, so there are no details for stats on these new sets. I will of course write about them in detail once I have more information. But from what was said, only Normal sets will be equal in stats with the current bone set, so I believe Rare and Hero will be much better.

  4. Frost says:

    Interesting, because the current bone sets are total garbage… I will await news on the actual set bonuses

  5. Slayze says:

    IAHGames’s running a test server (separate from the actual one, using backed up data) at the moment.

    I confirmed we got access to these right now:

    -Skill balances (up till the update with the 4 base jobs’ buffs and awakening charge)
    -New guild functions (listing, search, vault)
    -Muted Island (Ice Continent, 4 new MMs, mufflers trade, Sky Garden at the end impossible to get to)
    -Specters’ Tower (Tower of the Dead)
    -Wolves’ Den (Level 15/22)
    -Undergound Graveyard (Level 30/35)
    -New Farrell sets

    Not sure about the lavalon and aram sets.
    Still no profession system.

    • epifanes says:

      Nice, thanks for the report. I would also be interested about the stats on new boss items, as I suppose these won’t reach as high as Japan has it. But of course, you just started with testing so I think it will take some time to get any drops (if there are any at all in test server).

      Specters’ Tower is a nice surprise, didn’t expect that one to appear, but it probably means Gpotato will get it too then. For skill balances, I suppose you mean the ones from August jDrag update – I don’t think we would magically get Korean balance fix now. I’ll keep my eye on your testing subforum to see what’s different.

      • IconiX says:

        idk if it’s just luck, but i got an Avice helm from my first try in F1, then again it gave 3% atk speed and no special options

        however someone did get a Kyranos (ice dragon) boot, it gave +40 agi and had 2 special options

      • epifanes says:

        Yeah I have seen the image in your forums. It looks like the special options (non-crafted) are indeed the same as in jDrag, as we have 40 AGI boots here as well. I’m not sure about craft options though – 12 AGI would be minimum you can get here, but in your server, it could be maximal value. I’d like to see some 15+ crafted stats to be 100% sure (or 14% ACC etc).

      • IconiX says:

        didn’t notice the boot was special -.-”
        so they were actually craft options..

  6. Kadelu says:

    just curious to know.. are we able to gget 40 vit on the new back items.. cause u said someone was willing to pay 100kgold for 40 agi… so curious are we able to get 40 vit too.. or ?

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